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01.09.2010 в 13:20 Rexgrep is a graphical frontend to the grep command. Rexgrep combines the power of the 'grep' command with the convenience of a very easy to use graphical user interface, while not compromising on its functionality. reXgrep is a powerful, intutive and user-friendly interface to the grep command, which has been built using the GTK+ toolkit. It allows one to search for keywords in a more intutive fashion by using relationships like «Exact Phrase», «All», «Some» and «None» apart from «Reg… , , ,
26.08.2010 в 16:27 xlock locks the X server till the user enters their password at the keyboard. While xlock is running, all new server connections are refused. The screen saver is disabled. The mouse cursor is turned off. The screen is blanked and a changing pattern is put on the screen. If a key or a mouse button is pressed then the user is prompted for the password of the user who started xlock. , , ,
25.10.2010 в 17:21 yaf-splash pops up a window of text, auto-sized and centered on the screen, that is dismissed when you click on it, rather like xmessage. Unlike xmessage, it lacks buttons and other window manager cruft, can appear transparent via the SHAPE extension, or overlays if your xserver supports them, and has a bunch of other configuration options to tart it up with. , , ,
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